Why College? What is Match & Fit? What is the Match & Fit List Builder? How Do I Use the List Builder?
The case for college is clear. People who complete higher education are more satisfied with their careers, wealthier, and better prepared to achieve their dreams. When you are searching for colleges, you should make sure to consider both Match & Fit.

Match refers to how well your academic profile (GPA and college entrance test scores) align to a college's academic profile. You should find multiple colleges in each of the three critical match categories: Target, Reach, and Likely.

Fit refers to other factors such as college costs, location, and campus size.
The Match & Fit List Builder is an online platform to support Atlanta Public School students like you build your college list.

By end of junior year, you should have a Balanced College List which includes a minimum of two Target, two Reach and two Likely colleges that also meet your desired fit criteria.
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